Air Pollution Smog In Lahore Protection Ways In Urdu Precautions

Before one stats to tell you about Smog Pollution, currently In Lahore or Pakistan, one would like to share something about Smog in a detailed review. The combination of smoke with the winter season fog known as smog which is most dangerous as compared to fog and smoke. The smoke is truly created by different human activities, as there is no other alternative to such thing. The other thing is natural because environment change creates fog in the air. The smog as everyone is worried about now a days in Lahore is fully created by the human activities as we are familiar with Air Pollution Smog In Lahore

It is dense more than fog because it is the mixture of smoke in it. I read somewhere that Smog created a way towards lung as early as possible whenever a man takes a breath in the air. The breath from the mouth is a big way towards many diseases because mouth has no filter as compared to the nose. The nose has a natural filter to get rid of smog air pollution as one can recommend. The smog contained the CFC (carbon in the air). The CFC and its impact on lungs have no hidden disadvantages for the human.

Air Pollution Smog In Lahore


Therefore, it is recommended that government of Pakistan has published many ways to get rid of air pollution smog now a days in Lahore. The safety of population through such environmental change is the only way one can assume as important as anyone can observe. If someone interested in the actual combination of Smog in detailed I have published it in this article as well. So, that he can share with us any other idea if he has the medical background.


Now lets start the discussion that how to get fixed the situation by making some extra efforts so that Smog in Lahore can be ignored. It is the media dominated society, and everything explained at media ideally. The same thing is doing right now Morning shows at media and through different media channels. Now lets apply all those points so that we can protect our kids, family and self from smog in Lahore, Pakistan.


The Urdu version of techniques how to get rid of smog in Lahore presented so that everyone should read clearly about it. Hope, you would share us new ways of protection from smog in Lahore which seems cure able through other ways. Mostly medical students are encouraged to share us few ideas about such situation.

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