CASA 1000 1.2 Billion Dollar Project Export Central Asian Electricity To Pakistan By 2020

One is not over-optimistic while considering current affairs events in Pakistan. The best thing about the CASA 1000 that it would give a further boost to the relationship among central Asian and South Asian countries. The news is big that Pakistan would obtain 1000 Mega Watt from the quadrilateral project in 2020. The Pakistan is showing its strength to the world by launching such projects specifically with the consent of central Asian countries. CASA 1000It is not just the project the project as saying by Kh. Asif that CASA power project to lower the shortage of electricity in Pakistan. The success of the project has monetary values as well as the values of building relationships with neighbors. The win-win approach as well the joint action towards the success is best in considering by central regions to acquire states consent and to show another world about the strength of Asia. The mutual project has its own strengths because it can grow with the mutual interest that would never diminish.

The power transmission aspect from one line to another line would be fully protected and it would show that how the best transmission could occur. The president of Pakistan was glaring personality among other personalities during the inauguration of CASA-1000 Power project in Tajkistan. The reason is one that those other nations are going to connect satisfactorily with the Pakistan with the best geostrategic location. The win-win position of these four countries remains powerful as people can extract it.

The Prime ministers of different countries and representatives are there at the inauguration ceremony. Soon they would be in the implementation phase and Pakistan would get the 1000 Mega Watt electricity as a resource. The CASA 1000 had faced issues in past but those issues remain there with no benefit for each hidden stakeholder. The energy deficit would be resolved through the project along the creation of jobs. The job creation as well as the improving trade facilities among nations.


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