Check Your LDA City Plot File Record Online Through lda gop pk Payment Info Lahore

Keep in mind that if you want to check the status of your LDA city plot file then you can do that with the help of this site, On this official site of LDA, they have uploaded the complete and actual record of their plot files. If you are the owner of these city plot files and to know the status of these files, you can now visit this site,

  • It is for your information that if you have bought residential plots in the LDA city then their updated record is available on this site. The main purpose of this task is to update and make aware the owners of these plots about their plot files.
  • On this site,, you only have to enter your name and the file number of yours. By entering this information, you will be able to know about the ownership record of yours.
  • You should too keep in mind that any kind and any sort of commercialization in the LDA Avenue-I, carrying out some sort of commercial activities in the Jubilee town and in Mohlanwal schemes, it is strictly banned by the Government of Pakistan. Right now, it is not allowed and you are not permitted to build up the commercial structures in these three schemes of LDA.

Check Your LDA City Plot File Record Online lda gop pk Payment Info

Check Your LDA City Plot File Record Online

We are sure that this official site of LDA will come out to be helpful for you. Many of the plot owners come across this problem that they do not know the actual status of their ownership record. Now, this site will let you know the status of LDA city plot file right away. Stay tuned with us because more of the LDA city updates are on their way. Check your city file plots status right now and remove all sorts of confusions.

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