CM Punjab Drug Testing Laboratory In Lahore

The first model drug laboratory was inaugurated by the current Government In Lahore. The necessity of drug laboratory can realize with this thing when drug inspector has to inspect thousands medical stores in Lahore in a routine check. The life should have many checks as much as possible. The loss of one person means loss of one generation.

Therefore local government of Lahore is considering this point to protect life. The protection of life is there in several ways but the most important way is to tackle health care issue. The first drug testing laboratory of Lahore is there to protect the life of people if it would meet its agenda in coming future. The international standards of the laboratory can access with the ceremony of inauguration there in Lahore.

CM Punjab Drug Testing Laboratory In Lahore

The chief minister has visited drug laboratory and check those standards that are meaningful for the protection of life. There are many hospitals and medical institutions that are involved in the inauguration ceremony because it is blessing for all of them. The first thing that would be checked by the laboratory is to check quality standards of medicine.

The quality standards of medicine are general term and the term is very crucial in making the sense of protection of life initially at Lahore and generally for the whole Punjab. Now a day it is very easy to market non-quality medicine in Punjab and health department involved in launching the laboratory directly or indirectly.

The quality standards of medicine would revisit in future. It would formulate with easy perspective. It would assure that medicine with no standard can not market at any level. The whole Punjab would be responsible for getting quality medicine because it is core agenda of making a drug laboratory. The next thing in agenda is to make sure purification of food.

Drug Testing Laboratory In Lahore

The food is a major thing that needs to be checked because all ills are caused by it. There are many restaurants or other small temporary food places that are getting this issue at the general level. The purity of food is the guarantee of health in Punjab now after this laboratory.

The next agenda of agricultural products. The agri-products are actually indirectly facilitating the way of managing food at large scale. The food comes from crops in an ecosystem. When there is minimum use of  sprays for crops there would be no issue. Laboratory would check it in near future to ensure food quality in Punjab.

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