Dolphin Force Squad Lahore Against Street Crimes Again In Priority List

There are much-unfinished work of Punjab Government in the most important city Lahore. This task related to health issues, water cleaning issue and most importantly crime rate. Recently, Punjab chief minister has announced Dolphin Force Squad Against Street Crimes In Lahore. The initiatives are good overall but soon it lose its priority for the government. One can analyze easily that mega projects take these good things down of the list.

The Dolphin Force Squad is the best team to curb crimes in no time if it implements in reality. The police patrolling unit should be modern and authorize enough to take the decision in any mode. The same concept being applied by the Dolphin Force Squad. It is modern police patrolling unit in Lahore with eye-catching uniform for those who wants protection. At the same time, it is threatening for those who actually assume that traditional Punjab police is no more need on the floor. The look and manifesto of the Dolphin Force Lahore Squad are actually taken from the Turkish model of police that has been working against street crimes for long.

Dolphin Force Squad Lahore Against Street Crimes Again In Priority List

Dolphin Force Salary With SMS and Call Alert Number

Dolphin Force Lahore Call and SMS Number

The success of model was considered by Punjab Polices and it has established a new squad with no weakness in any aspect of training phase to action one. One can observe easily that it is very difficult to apply a policy in the same manner as authorities considered it while implementing. The delay in approving the budget for Dolphin Squad Against Street Crimes In Lahore was one of them. But, recent newspaper advertisement showing the minister hope to use Dolphin Force Squad Against crimes actually made one happy and hopeful once again.

Fresh Blood

It is known fact that fresh blood actually necessary to take timely action in no time. It is exactly being considered while establishing Dolphin Squad. The squad is full of fresh blood that is warm enough to apply timely decision and clever enough to judge the misconduct immediately. The worst thing in fresh blood is actually its aggressiveness in a tight situation. Here is need of training how to respond to a win-win situation. Training session for Dolphin Force Squad Against Street Crimes In Lahore actually made them a perfect package for Lahore. These boys on the road would be able to communicate confidently, assess ideally and respond immediately with no weakness so far.

To conclude, one can say that police culture in Punjab generally and Lahore specifically needs a revamped strategy. The establishment of Dolphin Force Squad Against Street Crimes In Lahore actually best strategy.


  1. Sir dolphin crime rokny k leay hy . Kia hm drugz sail krny walon ko b pkrwa skty hen ? police to un sy mili hoti hy . Agr hmen protect kren to sir esy boht sy log hen jo logon ko drugz sail krty hen brbad krty hen


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