This time on this Eid 2016, you will be enjoying more and more because new currency notes will be right here at your doorstep. On this exclusive 2016, State Bank of Pakistan with the collaboration of Pakistan Bank Association will be issuing new currency notes to the people of Pakistan. Check out the method that how can you get these fresh notes on this Eid 2016:


Method to Getting new currency notes in Pakistan Before Eid

  • This offer has been started from the 2nd of Ramadan 2016 and will remain valid till 28th of Ramadan 2016. It will be through this short SMS code which is 8877 that you will be getting these crispy currency notes.
  • You only have to message your CNIC number and ID number of your desired bank branch on 8877. As soon as you send this SMS, you will be able to get a transaction code and the address of the bank branch. Through this mentioned address, currency notes in new and crispy form can be received by you.
  • Through this Sms, you will be notified that on which date you can get these notes. You have to submit the copy of your CNIC too. According to this offer, each of the individuals will be provided 2 packs of Rs. 10, 1 pack of Rs. 20 and 1 pack of Rs. 50 and Rs. 100.
  • So far this offer is available in the 116 cities of Pakistan, in the 500 commercial bank branches in Pakistan. This offer can be utilized from the banking services corporation offices of State bank of Pakistan.
  • You can see your branch ID from the site of State of bank Pakistan too, which is Do visit the official site of Pakistan bank association which is
  • If you face any of the trouble while getting these fresh and new notes on this Eid 2016 then call on his helpline number. For Punjab, the number is 042- 111008877 and 021-111008877 are the helpline number for the people of Sindh and Balochistan.

See Your Bank Code Here

Now, you kids can enjoy Eid more this time because they will be getting new and fresh currency notes from their elders, parents, and grand parents.



  1. Dear citizen, Booking for this service has now been closed. Only booking codes already issued will be valid for due dates by July 4, 2016.

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