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Punjab Information Technology Board told the media that a web portal has been launched now so that parents, as well as their guardians, can find their missing children. This portal will be helping out the parents to find their missing children. The access to this web portal has been granted to many of the relevant departments. This introduction of website and helpline is an initiative of Punjab Government. These days in the Punjab Province, the kidnapping of children has been taking place, To stop this practice, the Punjab government has issued this web portal and helpline service.

Helping Missing Children- Punjab Information Technology Board has launched a web portal

  • This web portal service to help out the missing children is the joint work and collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board and also Child protection and welfare bureau.
  • This helpline and web portal will be able to facilitate and guide all of the agencies as well as police and citizens.

Missing Punjab Gov Pk

  • On this web portal, the details and pictures of these missing children have been uploaded. These missing children have now been recovered by the Police and concerned parents and guardians can check out the details with the help of this web portal.
  • The help line number is 1121, with the help of this number you can get to know that whether your missing children has been recovered or not! On this web portal, about data of 166 in a number of children has been uploaded. This site has also Urdu content. If your kid is missing and you are looking for him then you should also take help from this web portal and help line number.

It is the time that we should be working together with the government of Pakistan and help all of the parents to find out their missing children. We need to stop this practice and should put these bad and evil sources in jail.

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