How To Use CNG In Car Ogra Notification

Oil and gas regulatory authority (OGRA) enforcement department give the notification to all the CNG stations to give you the better service &help to you people. OGRA give the notification to not fueling the unattested public service car and if fueling then definitely complete the standard core of Practice of refueling. This system is use for you people for Provide the better service in the CNG stations. You see that some damages occur on the daily basis through the Gas slander blast.

How To Use CNG Ogra Notification

Only for your safety, we take these steps you people can help us in this through fulfilling some safety Phases. CNG Gas Having most pressure in it so that this is use only in some CNG slander Kit and Pipe Fitted Cars. If you people want to save yourself in these CNG blasts in the car through CNG Slander then we help you and take care of you through implement some safety which is written as under.

Safety Phases:

  • Only use slander which has no joint, no leakage brand new and attested which fulfill the standard (NZS-5454-1989).And you people can purchase only license holder CNG stations which fulfill all the criteria of OGRA. Detail of all the CNG stations available on this website
  • To save your life from damages private cars in a year, one time or public cars after six months must check in CNG stations workshop through the trained person who checks all the CNG kit components and Pipes fitting and test for no leakage.
  • In every five years, one time must test the fitness of your CNG slander.
  • CNG slander must not full up to 200 bar pressure.
  • Not fit or improvise any kit or Pipe through not registered workshop.
  • When CNG filling in the car there is no one in the car or CNG Station owner must not Fueling nay car which has the slander in under the sitting seats.
  • When Fueling in the car then the electronic system, lights and engine must off.
  • When fueling the CNG in the car then Mobile phone and electronics must be off.
  • In CNG cars no smoking cigarette.
  • In CNG cars avoid LPG or another fuel usage because it’s strictly prohibited.
  • It is strictly prohibited if you use CNG without CNG kit fitted cars.

Phone/ Address:

Call us or contact for more information or help to you people in this address Enforcement department oil and gas regulatory authority 54-B Fazal-e-Haq road, blue area, Islamabad 051-9244342, 051-9244353

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