Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Property Compensate Apply

Lahore orange line metro train is the facility of international level train for you people. This Project route is Ali Town towards the Dara gujran distance of this project 27 kilometer. Under this project 1067 canal place required. For this Project government allot 20 billion rupees for the properties of those people which building or plots are under the construction of this project. In this project for those people, s who’s Properties is under this Project of orange line metro train Government gives these people compensation. For your Property evaluation government select the selectors of state bank of Pakistan. This rate which evaluated by the state bank of Pakistan selectors are the best rate and in good price from the market.

Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Property Compensation Application

For those people who properties are under this project also get compensation amount in against the building material expenses or the expenses of house moving. For fast payments of getting compensation of your property Government of Punjab starts one window operation. One window operation branches are available in different places like LDA Head Office Johar Town, Engineering University Gate No 6, Government College Cricket Ground opposite IG Office and Thokar Niaz Baig Chock. All the representing Firms and Banks are available on the spot. Camp are exist their and also open now a days.

This compensation is provided to you people as fast as you can. 1.5 billion rupees payed by the government in 2 days only. Governments of Punjab protect you people through the Compensation and also provide you the international standard train for inner city to your safe journey. This train project is bringing fame in Lahore and also in Pakistan. Through the help this project Pakistan must create the big name of his country in all over the world.

Applications are submitted along some documents:

  • Land acquisition collector of Lahore Development authority named application.
  • ID card copies of the Applicant
  • Two witnesses ID card copies
  • On 100 rupees stamp paper indemnity bond
  • On 50 rupees stamp paper noting
  • Attested copy of the registry documents
  • Revenue officer signature on the distich documents for compensation
  • Proof copy of the land
  • Utility bills of Gas and electricity
  • Receipt of Property tax

There are proper camps over here in Lahore tio deal with property issues in civil society. There is one window operation that is dealing with property issues of Lahore orange line metro train project.

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