The dedicated website for those who wants to go for Hajj this year was the program launched by Ministry Of Religious Affairs And Interfaith Harmony. The Hajj Balloting was a new way to approach the various persons who actually wants to go but have no such means. The Balloting system helps those to get the noble cause in no time. The fair and free system at least in the name of religion made the Ministry Of Religious Affairs And Interfaith Harmony as one of the best system monitored by different perspective to ensure accountability at an advanced level.

Hajj Balloting Final List Result For 2016


The other few steps by the Ministry Of Religious Affairs And Interfaith Harmony for Hajj Applicants is the invitation of bids for many manufacturers/ importers and only registered firms so that here would be no hurdle while performing the religious duty. The duty that is liable to perform for each Muslim at leas one time in life. These aforesaid steps by Ministry Of Religious Affairs And Interfaith Harmony made it clear that Government of Pakistan is well aware of all sections of society in the best way and doing its best in getting things right for the applicants of Hajj this year 2016.

hajj balloting result 2016

The world Health organization is international organization and secretly monitoring things about the hajj 2016 specifically about the health care practiced exercised by different t countries including Pakistan.
hajj balloting 2016 result

Further Ministry of Health services already announced its concerns about the Hajj Applicants 2016 and key concern about any misfortune event that had occurred in the previous year. The station would allocate to selected parties and only those parties are legitimate to contact. Further to get any kind of missing information or any kind of ambiguity now Hajj Applicants can get their data online through an online form created by Ministry Of Religious Affairs And Interfaith Harmony at inquiry form online available. Hajj Applicant just has to put the CNIC number as well as Hajj application number so that  applicant can get its registered data. The official date of announcement of Hajj Ballot Result 2016 is 29 April 2016.


  1. Please announce new date of balloting we cant wait try to understand of those people who are desprite to perform Hajj.

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