Mobile Passport Tracking System In Pakistan

Directorate General of Immigration and passport welcome you in the facility for you people through your mobile. Now you people dial 9988 and get all the information about you passport. This information provides you people with the help of Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan and also DG Immigration and passports.

This Information for you people available five different Languages.

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Saraiki
  • Pashto
  • Sindhi

Mobile Passport Tracking system divides into four different categories in which you get all the information about your passport: (Passport tracking, Information about Passport, Passport office Location, National Bank Location)

Passport Tracking System In Pakistan

Passport Tracking System In Pakistan

1-Passport Tracking:

In Passport tracking system Applicant can check status through (MRP) Machine readable passport within last three months. Before using the tracking, system applicant must create the login for track passport. Every login user for track passport can use 3 times login in one day. This service for track passport is free of cost for you. Any person acquiring money for this tracking service must be reported or will be strictly dealt. Any question regarding online tracking system will be entertained on

2- Information about Passport:

Every    Citizen of Pakistan is entitled to Machine Readable Passport for traveling abroad, after completion of all formalities. The applicant will go through the following stages at Regional Passport Office (RPO) for obtaining Machine Readable Passport (MRP) in Pakistan & Foreign Missions Abroad.

  • Arrival of Applicant at Customer Service Counter
  • Token Counter & Photograph Capturing.
  • Biometric Data Capturing (Finger Print)
  • Data Entry
  • Verification as per Office Record
  • Interview and Decision by Assistant Director
  • Passport Delivery Counter

3- Passport Office Location

Regional Passport Offices (RPOs) of various Zones & Foreign Missions.

  • Islamabad.
  • FATA.
  • Sindh.
  • Punjab.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Baluchistan
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir
  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Foreign Missions

For Further or detail address visit on

4- National Bank Location:

This section has the guidance for the authorized branches of the National Bank for submitting of Passport/Visa fees. For further detail about branches where fee deposited in banking hour you can visit

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