Pakistan LNG Deal With Qatar

It has just been recently reported by the ECC that it has given its approval with regard to the deal for long-term supplies of having LNG for Pakistan. As we have now been getting close to this long-term deal for the import of LNG. Now, the Government has to think seriously that how this deal can be carried out in a better way and manner. Many of the sources have been giving this statement that this Pakistan LNG deal with Qatar is all corrupt base.

How Pakistan LNG Deal With Qatar is causing corruption?

  • It is heard that this deal has now been moved to the law ministry. It was also previously moved to the law ministry and then at that time, the deal got dead. Now almost 10 years have been passed, this Qatar deal has been recovered for one more time.
  • Currently, we have been having this long-term LNG supply deal along with a functional re-gasification terminal with Qatar. We have to make this deal functional.
  • According to the details and information that has been released by the government, all of the imported consignments of LNG will be able to be price at 13.37pc of Brent crude. Right now, this brent crude has been selling at $32 at the moment.
  • It is according to the petroleum ministry that we will be having a price of $5.5 for the gas right in the pipeline.

Pakistan LNG Deal With Qatar

My View

We need to have a long-term supply of LNG and that too at a decent price. Whether the Government of Pakistan makes a deal with a Qatar- based company or with Shell, it should not at all matter for the Government of Pakistan. We have to remove this eagerness and curiosty that our Government only wants to make a deal with Qatar. It is the time that we should have a sharper focus now on all of our issues. If corruption has been seen in this Qatar deal then accountability and fairness should be shown by our leaders. If these allegations have been coming up with like PPRA rules have not been followed up, the capacity charges for the terminal have not been fulfilled then we need to remove these allegations. This long-term supply contract for LNG with Qatar will for sure and undoubtedly benefit our country. We need to have an expeditious delivery of the gas.

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