Pakistan Quran Education Scheme From 1 To 12 Class Accepted

It is reported that now Pakistan Quran Education will be made as a compulsory study subject from class 1 till class 12. This Pakistan Quran Education scheme has been approved by the Government of Pakistan. This subjected scheme will now be implemented from Grade 1 till Grade 12.

Details about Pakistan Quran Education Scheme

  • It should be noted that the very first phase of this scheme will start right after the summer vacations. This 1st phase will start first in the non-formal schools. Later on, this scheme will be extended and expanded to other of the formal schools. This Pakistan Quran Education will be compulsory only for the Muslim students.
  • According to this scheme, grade 1 till grade 5 students will be taught Arabic. The recitation of Quran will be taught to them. From grade 6 till grade 7 students, they will teach Quran translation in simple Urdu.

What will be the benefit of this Pakistan Quran Education Scheme?

  • It is hoped that scheme will make students learn and explore about the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. The government of Pakistan is in a consultation with scholars and Islamic scholars so that easy translation of Holy Quran can be put up.
  • With this scheme, students will be able to enlighten their lives through the teachings of Holy Quran. Through this productive scheme, students will be able to learn the in-depth meanings of Quran.



We are quite sure that this Pakistan Quran Education Scheme will make better students and better human beings. It is felt that we have forgotten our Holy teachings, it is the time that we should explore ourselves and get to know that how much true Muslims we are! If some more changes will be made in this education scheme, we will let you know. The progress regarding the 1st phase of this scheme will be updated to you so stay tuned.

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