Punjab District Consumer Court Application Process

Government of Punjab took a step towards your safety from those people who charge much price on routine use of things. Government of Punjab Build a Consumer Court‘s in all Punjab.Through the help of these Consumer courts you people can directly submit your complaint against the shopkeeper or company which you people finds guilty during your dealing or purchases. In this court no fee charge from you people to complain someone.

Punjab District Consumer Court

Eleven districts name of Punjab Province Available above for you people with Legal director numbers to directly call for your help.

Punjab District Consumer Court

Complaint steps:

First you give fifteen days’ notice to person/shopkeeper/company for patch-up. Second if problem continue then complain in consumer court and write their (Name, Address, ID, and Notice copy and if copy of the receipt available attach that) Directorate Consumer safety council read your complain and fight for your problem with that person.

You have the right to complain against that person which you finds guilty during buying products from that. You people can complaint against that in such conditions (if the product you buy from the seller is over dated/ not well, Expiry date or manufacturing date and how to use is not written, rate list not shown in shop, If original company name bill not provided, If return policy/or exchange policy not written in bill. From the help of wrong bill or pamphlets thing sold. Difficulties from Government or private sector wrong proficiency. Against warranty policy not written on products or wrong information provided)

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