Punjab is known for the creative services for the civil society so that both governance and population would be in a win-win situation. The same action was initiated by the chief minister of Punjab. It is very easy for anyone to blame the governance for the corruption but the business environment is most corrupt in every sense. The common and traditional example of corrupt business as one can remind were the boast of Pepsi Cola.

Punjab Revenue Authority Restaurant Invoice Monitoring System Gift Scheme


It was about 2000 as one can remind in the best way. The RC cola was the only brand in Punjab and all over the Pakistan. The break down the monopoly of RC cola in Punjab the Corporate Social Responsibility was compromised. The outward carriage was forced to destroyed before entering into a market so that only can tackle. The drivers of RC cola stock vans was forced to destroy the whole stock before getting the market.

The action was not ethical and there was no inquiry commission in any way because business corruption was at a peak. The practice is only possible in Pakistan because there is the least level of communication channel management as statistics showed. The recent changes are covered by Pakistan as well and Punjab is top of the list. The chief minister of Punjab now tackles such thing with the serious note

He initiated a new service to tell directly revenue department after dine-in any restaurant in the whole Punjab. The digital service is being used for completion of such process and that was WhatsApp. The who so event consumer who spends a lot of money in a restaurant now can WhatsApp an image of the computerized bill so that revenue department can create a check over income with a close eye.

The step is best because the system is transparent and will pay back the consumer in the shape of best service delivery by Punjab Government. Punjab Revenue Authority Restaurant Invoice Monitoring System Gift Scheme is a new mindset in getting the government in the right direction. The caring attitude of Punjab government can visualize through the approach in a best possible way.



  1. It’s a fantastic work being done by Government of punjab/CM Punjab/Punjab Revenue Authorities. Everyone should appreciate the great work like this done by CM Punjab. We always hope for the best works by the Government of punjab.

  2. Yes offcourse its a great incative but poor People aré Not be able get this scheem. So this scheem in vain

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