Top 5 Qawwali Of Amjad Sabri Outstanding Performances Shown By Legend

Top 5 Qawwali Of Amjad Sabri Outstanding Performances Shown By Legend

Amjad Sabri is no more with us but his voice will always remain in our hearts. It was during the last night that some of the stranged men shoot at him. He died on the spot. He actually got Shaheed! If one ask that who is the best Qawwal in Pakistan and globally then one will for a sure count and add the name of Amjad Sabri. He is a legend, he was a true man, he had a pure soul and a pure heart. He did good deeds in his life. He did not have a single enemy in his life. He gave some of the outstanding performances in his life.

Amjad Sabri is from famous musical Khurana

He actually hails from some of the musical Gharana. It was these Sabri Brother who told us that what is the real taste of Qawwali! Their group has also been marked as one of the Pakistan’s foremost and best one Sufi qawwal groups. The this group was founded and created by the father of Amjad Sabri. He was the late Haji Ghulam Farid Sabri. His father younger brother who is late Haji Maqbool Ahmed Sabri also laid the foundation of this Qawwal group.

Amjad Sabri always gives Outstanding Performances

He was the man who gave an ultra different one qawwali musical and singing style. He made his voice heard in the Pakistan’s youth. He used to do some largescale qawwali events in Pakistan. Some of the outstanding Performances of Amjad Sabri are annual Lux Style Awards. He had been the part of the cultural exchange programs like that of Shaan-e-Pakistan most of the time. He was there in the Coke Studio Season 9.

Amjad Sabri top 5 memorable performances and Qawwalis

1) Bhar Do Joli- this qawwali of him is loves by us.

2) Mera Koi Naheen Hai Teray Siwa- it is one of the most memorable qawaalis of him.

3) Khwaja Ki Diwani- you should listen this qawaali for once.

4) Ali Mera Dil Mere Jan Ali Mast Qalandar- This qawaali is one of the top 5 ones best performances of him.

5) Tajdar-e-Har- people listen this qawaali of him hundred times.

Amjad Sabri will always live within us, this pure soul will always beAmjad Sabri Cultural Figure Qawwali Is Proud Of Him

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