Why Should We Visit Lahore Art Exhibition?

Recently, a group show right at Ejaz Art Gallery, titled as `Within Patterns’ was put up by some of the artists. These artists came up with some amazing creation of new patterns. These gave these patterns some novel meanings. These artists are of this belief that we witness patterns in each sphere of our lives. This group show comprised artworks of five artists. This Lahore Art Exhibition is necessary for all of us to be visited. If we want to see the other side of the world then this show should not be missed out by you. If we want to see some positivity in our lives then this Lahore Art Exhibition needs a glimpse from you.

Lahore Art Exhibition

Reasons to Visit Lahore Art Exhibition

  • This show had many layers of diversity, it has that factor of art diction.
  • These artists put light on their artworks that told stories by making use of different metaphors. They created that kinds of images that were a story on their own!
  • All of these patterns and images were symbolic in their own way.
  • This show also exhibits some of the embroidery references. They had a metaphorical reasoning and also depicted the dreadful experience of some woman.
  • One of the artists work was also based on a shocking kind of theme. The theme was of a suicide of her father. She well depicted embedded images and made use of intricate patterns.
  • All of the artists were of this belief that they had this desire to immortalise things by the talent of their art.
  • One of the artists work was all bout the study of different kinds of patterns. He well showed us that how we can conceive all of them in our mosaic life.
  • Show also exhibit the concept of embroidery and also fabric. The artists clearly showed us that how we can feel the fabric and also texture.

My view

Such kinds of Art Exhibitions should be carried on a regular basis. These kinds of art shows give us the new meaning of life. These shows tell us that how we can see things from different perspective. Our lives need some new direction, our lives are in dire need of some practical approach and this can be done if exhibitions like that of Lahore Art Exhibition will be commenced on a regular basis.


Metaphoric use of patterns by artists in group show
By Shoaib Ahmed | 1/21/2016 12:00:00 AM

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