For the information, it was during the January till March quarter times that this Islamic Banking And Finance Industry made an investment of 155 Billion Rs right in the papers of government. These details have been issued by the State bank of Pakistan. According to the reports, this industry has by far assets and also deposits reaching to the amount of 1.625 trillion Rs and also 1.336 trillion Rs.

Islamic Banking And Finance Industry Growth

If we talk about the market share of these Islamic banks deposits then they have been stood at the rate of 12.9%. Their market share when it comes to their assets has been reached to 11.4%. It is during this quarter time that this Islamic Banking and Finance Industry has been seeing massive growth rate. Same kind of growth path has been followed by these banks like wise the path followed by the conventional sort of banks. If we talk about the net investments then they have been rise by 586 billion Rs. On the other hand, the government sector has also issued Islamic Bonds that had the worth of 80 billion Rs.

Islamic Banking And Finance Growth In Pakistan Facts

In which sector Islamic Banking And Finance Industry wants to invest?

It is seen that this sector is more eager and convinced to keep on investing in the government papers. In the past times, it was mainly because of the borrowing strategy of government that this banking industry saw lots of fluctuations in its growth. Their combined after tax profit has come out to be 2.9 billion Rs. Their operating expenses have all the time stood higher and gross income has all the time reached a higher level.

We have by far 56% of the branches that come under this Islamic Banking and Finance Industry. It is an important growth engine sector for our country. More productive strategies should be devised to make this sector a stronger one.



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