EOBI Pension Grant Eligibility In Pakistan Age,Rate,Document

The rising of aging population in Pakistan with poverty level increased are common factors that leave no option before people to think About EOBI funds particularly in Pakistan.  The regulations over here in Pakistan for EOBI linked to the EOBI Act 1976 that was enforced at 01 April 1976. The constitution of Pakistan asserted it with the Article of 38 C of the Constitution but still there are many people not aware of these realities although they are in age as relate to the eligibility criteria or grant indeed for EOBI Pension Grant Eligibility In Pakistan.

Its Benefits


There are fewer confusions over here about the EOBI benefits in Pakistan but still there are issues about the grant aspect for old age. There are two broad objectives of EOBI; one is about the Old Age benefit to insured persons. Other to protect his survivor. There is another talk that which company should apply the EOBI and which one has no direct implication of such term in a professional way. The Old Age benefits aspect always profitable regarding motivation for employees.

Docs For It


It is known fact that whenever the person feels something motivating towards the EOBI at the job he would get the secure place to work. Inversely, when an employee did not feel secure, he would not get towards the optimized performance. Therefore, every organization in Pakistan employed 5 or more members eligible to apply EOBI pension for its employees.

Current Pension Rates In Pakistan Is Rs. 5,250/-

Required Service Criteria 


The discussion forum was in front of me when one raised a question over there that he is working for 22 years either he is eligible for EOBI pension in Pakistan. Another speaker just makes a concise answer that he is not eligible to get the EOBI pension until or unless he is 60 years old and working at the location. After the age limit, he is eligible to get the proper monthly basis EOBI pension rate which is given in this narratives. Further details of rate, documents and other available in the post.

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