Guide For Tech Startups In Pakistan For Those New To Field

It is a fact that Indian tech industry is far stronger and at a better position as compared to the Pakistani tech industry. It is because of this reason that our engineering institutes are not working in a proper way. The kind of education given in these engineering universities is not up to the mark. The Indian engineering universities are working in an excellent way, that is why their tech industry is growing day by day.

Indian Tech industry VS Pakistan tech industry

If we talk about India then in its Andhra Pradesh state, we have about 700 in a number of engineering colleges. In Pakistan, we have only 178 engineering colleges on the whole. In Pakistan, we have relatively and quite a few in a number of engineering institutes.

Guide For Tech Startups In Pakistan For Those New To Field

Basic Guide For Tech Startups In Pakistan

  • Our Pakistani tech industry can only flourish by a single mean, we need to move with the latest and current software market needs. We need to bring innovative minds in this industry. Our tech industry can only face success if the quality of our engineering universities will be improved.
  • Our Pakistani engineering colleges are following that same old and repetitive syllabus. If such kind of syllabus will be followed in the future time as well the one day our tech industry will go into the dark ages.
  • Our tech industry should start doing some of the meaningful and purposeful researches. If the CEO of Google can be from Indian they why cannot we have CEOs from Pakistan? India has come up with Flipkart and it has a worth of 15 billion dollars. On the other hand, Pakistan has created this which is the version of Flipkart but its worth is quite low.
  • We need to increase our IT exports. It is the time that government of Pakistan should start allowing economic growth with reference to these IT exports. We need to see an entrepreneurial growth in this sector as soon as possible.

We should all make the tech industry of Pakistan stronger and prominent one now!

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