Assistant Director ISI Inter Services Intelligence Test Sample Paper Pattern MCQs

To pass this Inter Services Intelligence Test is quite and much a hard nut to crack. But once you get inducted into this institute, your career become much bright and successful enough. ISI has now opened the test for the post of their Assistant Director. You can apply into it. If you have an age range of 21 to 35 then you can apply for this high grade post. The candidates should have the bachelors degree. If you have a Masters degree then those applicants will be preferred and they will have an edge on the other candidates. It is recommended to have the degrees in the subjects of IR, Economics or in the subjects of Defense and strategic studies. If you have completed your studies in IR subject, computer studies subject then you can apply as well because Assistant Director ISI Inter Services Intelligence Test Sample Paper.

How can you pass this test?

  • First you will appear for the written test. This paper is all checked by the ISI officials. These officers are at the higher post and they are the one, who checks these exam paper of yours.
  • Then after clearing this written paper, you will appear for the intelligence test and also psychological test. The pattern is same like that of ISSB test.
  • Then in the further stage, the passed out candidates will appear for the interview.

Assistant Director ISI Inter Services Intelligence Test Sample Paper Pattern MCQs

  • In the written exam, you will be sitting for the 2 paper. First you will have the paper of Essay. Then you will have the exam of current affairs.

Written Test For Assistant Director ISI Inter Services Intelligence Test

  • The essay paper is of 100 marks. You will have 3 hours to write an essay. 5 essays will come in your paper and you have to write any one of them. The word limit of the essay is 2500 to about 3000 words.
  • Try to prepare these essays like democracy in Pakistan, Energy crisis and women related topics. These topics are too important like economic development, corruption.

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  • For the current affairs, you should have a detailed knowledge about your country and news on the international level. This paper is of 100 marks. You have to attempt 4 questions in this paper of current affairs. 5th question is of MCQs. If you have already attempted the papers of CSS International relations and CSS paper of current affairs then you can solve these questions easily.

Download 100 Sample Question

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More of the Pattern MCQs details will be given to you!

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