PPSC Lahore Written Examinations Or Tests Schedule May 2016

There is no other option for jobs seekers as compared to options provided by the PPSC. The extraordinary facilities and highest pay scale always a good thing for the young people who want to get the job remains there as the lifeline.

PPSC Schedule May 2016

PPSC Lahore Written Examinations Or Tests Schedule May 2016

The PPSC is all about the way to get success so that each personality within Pakistan generally and in Punjab specifically remained successful. One knows that the written examinations for the given jobs in PPSC advertisement here at this page. According to the advertisement of written examination schedule, the posts available are Deputy Director (Lump Sum) (L&PA Wind), Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department. There are three seats available and the merit system would be ensured while hiring those three persons by passing the exam only. The only merit system is applicable while getting the real personalities in public administration. The main job is to maintain the department through strategic will and decisions. The strategic aspect is best because it can handle different key functions within the department. The role of the mentioned director is very critical because he has to manage the government actions towards the government litigation so that transparency can ensure. The written exam paper for the Deputy Director of mention department would continue 3 hours. The Assistant Director BS-17 scale for the Labour & human Resource Department can handle activities of the department so there would be extraordinary human force involved in the department, to ensure the successful implementation for other government resources. The scale is sufficient suits the name of the position itself. The only one seat is vacant in the department with about 90 minutes MCQ style paper on the advertisement of schedule. The same law and parliamentary Affairs department also have vacant position for two additional Solicitor who wants to grow with the department with the win-win approach. The same three hours exam for these but this time it would be in both objective and subjective type questions. The next position available for the Statistical Officer BS-17 scale in the department of Agriculture. There are about 30 seats available for the position and most loved by those who actually want to grow in statistical aspect. The statistical career is challenging and most of the people love due to this aspect of this job. Further, Pharmacist BS-17 scale, Dental Surgeon with the same scale, Physiotherapist with the same rank, Additional Directors for Law & Parliamentary Affairs departments are encouraged to go through exams so that they would be allocated in Punjab.

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