LLB 3 Years Program In Pakistan 2017 Eligibility Criteria In Lahore Pakistan Courses

There are extensive details about the LLB 3 years or LLB 5 years in Pakistan. Mostly institutes especially private institutes now considering 5 year LLB programs in preference but rest are still behind. For example, the Bahria university Lahore offers 5 years full LLB program because they knew hat anything could happen in Pakistan without prior notice. Almost every institution working under the administration of Pakistan is unpredictable. private Institutes considered Law related department as one reason that can create demand for institutions to be in degree lovers.

The student community is much in support for 5 years LLB because they knew that institutions are always right in their approach. They may provide a perfect timing for law relate aspect. There are many differences between different institution course but mostly consider western pattern to be followed for law related degree. Now let’s talk about the courses required for LLB either it is 3 years or 5 years. The main and introductory course in the first semester always an introduction to law of LLB 3 Years Program In Pakistan.

LLB 3 Years Program In Pakistan 2017 Eligibility Criteria In Lahore Pakistan Courses


It is the mild approach for those institutes who wants to create a good breed of law students. The next aspect is to provide the overview of the legal system of Pakistan. Further institutes also aware about the law of torts and even contracts involved in it. The research method is one to one approach for institutes so that student’ style of teaching could be best in almost various degree approaches. The third way is about the law of contract part 2 mostly relates with the third semester ti complete LLB in Pakistan.


The next approach is Islamic Jurisprudence part 1 in one and part 2 in next semester. Now let one inform students about the LLB in Pakistan and its evening program. The eligibility criteria for LLB evening program in Pakistan are one have to get domicile for mostly students in Lahore to get LLB admission. The next approach is to gain at least 45 percent marks in terminal degree.

The bachelor degree program should be ended before applying for evening program LLB. Each year late would be considered as one minus point or as per institute admission policy. The upper age limit or further thins relate with age are vary with case to case.

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