Chicken Pox Treatment In Urdu At Home Causes Symptoms In Pakistan
The chain in disease many times more dangerous than the single disease for example the Chickenpox now a day. For Pakistan it is progressive to see changes made in health care sector targeting Punjab. At federal levels there are many interested people figure out causes of disease, symptoms of diseases and ultimately treatment of that… (0 comment)

Vaccination Schedule For Children 2017 In Pakistan After Birth, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5., 9, 15 Months
Vaccination is the process to stimulate the human body’s own defaces system to guard the being from subsequent virus or diseases.  Millennium development goals are the most comprehensive, ample goals that the world has agreed upon. Millennium development goals have set the 18 targets and 48 indicators. Pakistan has adopted 18 targets and 37 indicators.… (0 comment)