Unsung Heroes Of Pakistan Independence Movement Azadi
During the Pakistan independence movement, lots of strugglers and common people came out as unsung heroes during this independence movement of Pakistan. Here you can know about these unsung heroes who fought with bravery and courage and got freedom from Britishers and Indians. Akram Khan Khattak No doubt that he was the unsung hero during… (0 comment)

National Heroes Of Pakistan Essay In Urdu, Narration
It is because of our national heroes that we got the Independence for our country and we got freedom and independence in our lives. Talking about few of the prominent national heroes who worked hard for our country and for people of our country, they are Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, Dr… (0 comment)

Information About National Heroes Of Pakistan In Urdu
We have countless number of national heroes in our country Pakistan. Some of the heroes have left us, and some of the national heroes are still living with us. Some heroes gave us freedom and independence. Some heroes became us atomic power worldwide. Some heroes fight for our country. Some national and brave heroes guard… (0 comment)

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero
Abdul Sattar Edhi is no more with us, he left us! He was a true Legend, he was a man of words, his religion was humanity. Such true men and such legends are hardly born. Pakistan and even this whole world will miss him. He came up with this charitable empire which none of us… (0 comment)