Aitchison College Lahore Admissions For Academic Year 2016-2017

The reason why I have chosen to write about the Aitchison College Lahore is only because it is trendy college. The post-modern era as now a day demands trendy way of educating young generation. There is no college in Lahore that is not considering this maxim in their educational strategies but Aitchison College Lahore is top of the list.

Aitchison College Lahore Admission

The last date for Registration is Monday 25th April, 2016. 

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Recently the Aitchison College has announced the admission open notice for those students who are still waiting for the enrollment in place. Most of the students dream to get admission in the college. Therefore, the principle of Aitchison College Lahore has announced some new admission policy to make all process transparent.

The transparent way of admission is possible with the least involvement of human factor and that exactly announced by the principle. The principle has announced to build an interactive online virtual portal for taking online admission applications and complete processing from the same portal. Further, principle considered online portal for parents as well so that they can involve their kids in educational matters at maximum.

These initiatives are enough to tackle challenges and issues for those who wants to take admission in college. The online portal for admission, an online portal for parents, new admission policy and new admission process are such initiatives made Aitchison College Lahore the best place to get admission against the new admission notice.

There are many other reasons that made it special for student community to consider it. The sports section in college is actually related to extra-academic activities. The sports activities are well known because media endorsements are there to promote sports activities in college. The art and drama section in college is known for remarkable event history that made the college unique and special among other in competition.

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