Quality Of College Graduates In The Pakistan

It is reported that many of the firms and companies have not shown satisfaction with regard to the quality of these passed out graduates. A survey has been conducted by some private firm in which they have reached this conclusion that students are not aware of their specialized subjects, they do not have a full and complete grip on their subject lines.

Bad Quality Of College Graduates In Pakistan

Quality Of College Graduates In The Pakistan

  • It is reported that 61.76% of the employment sector are not satisfied with these passed out graduates. They are not satisfied and happy related to their practical and conceptual knowledge.
  • It is also surveyed that about 74.94% of firms and companies are of this view that due to lack of career counselling, students are unable to pick their desired subject lines. It is seen that students normally pick those subjects which do not cater to their interest line.
  • A survey was taken place by the Career advisory and assessment services. They have notified and pin pointed this issue that 18.70% of employment giving firms do not keep in mind the GPA of students.
  • Directors and CEOs of multi national companies have highlighted this issue that passed out graduates do not come up with our expectations. They told in the survey that these students have lacked of their conceptual knowledge and they do not have any idea about the market needs.
  • When it comes to the QS ranking the Pakistan managed to get just 2.9 scores out of 100. It is because of this reason that our universities and higher learning institutes fail to produce quality in a number of graduates.

We need to do something so that quality in a number of passed out graduates can make an entry in this professional and practical world. We need to revive our educational policy so that improvements can be made in our higher learning sector. Now, only quality graduates should come out from the universities of Pakistan.

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