It is a fact that our educational system has come out to be too much-broken one that it cannot be mended for reforms. What should be done? We have a separate syllabus in each of our provinces. Here, you can get to know about the vast difference between Punjab and KPK educational system. One province is spending more and more on their education line and another province is cutting up their education spending.

Comparison Between Punjab Education Sector Vs KP Education Sector In Pakistan

KPK education sector

For the budget of 2016, we have seen that KPK has spent over 27% of their budget on their educational sector. They have cut down their development spending by the amount of 8%. For the current year, the government of KPK will be starting the project of its 72 elementary schools. It will too be coming up with 200 in a number of smart schools. In their current budget, they will be setting up 160 in a number of primary schools and 100 in a number of secondary schools for the children of their KPK. The government of KPK has rejected and put down most of their annual development projects because their key priority is education.

Punjab education sector

For this current year budget 2016, Punjab government is just spending 18% of their budget on their educational sector. This time again they have cut down their education budget. This practice has been going on for the last 3 years. In the last years, the government of Punjab has spent over 23% of their budget on the education. Now, this percentage has been reduced to 18% only. The focus of government is more on the sides of annual development projects. It is reported that now Punjab schools will be handed over to the private sector. In the initial phase, 3500 in a number of schools will be handed over to the private sector so that an experiment can be taken out.

We need to think it on the same page so that educational sector of Pakistan can grow in an equal way in all of its four provinces.



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