CSS Agriculture Forestry Guess Paper 2017 For CE Exam

If you want to appear for this CSS exam 2017 and you have also opted for this subjected optional then you should have a look at this CSS Agriculture Forestry Guess Paper 2017 For CE Exam! Here at this page, we have attached the guess paper of this subject of Agriculture Forestry. You should go through all of these important guesses. It is an easy subject. You can score in a convenient way in this paper. If you want to have maximum marks in this CE exam 2017 then you should score massively in this paper of Agriculture Forestry.

  • You should read the topics which are related to Climate Chang, you should be able to explain that how this climate change is affecting and having an impact on the agriculture productivity in our country Pakistan.
  • These questions might come that what are the main factors which have contributed and played role right in the failure of these cotton crops in Pakistan. How we can achieve the sustainability and success in this crop productivity sector.

CSS Agriculture Forestry Guess Paper 2017

  • Related to this paper, you should also study these topics and these are Water-logging and also salinity. Read about all of the main problems and issues which are faced by our Pakistani soils. You should study in detail with regard to the scope GMO crops in our country Pakistan.

CSS Agriculture Forestry Guess Paper

  • Details about the ‘biological nitrogen fixation and information about the factors which are affecting this biological nitrogen fixation. Learn about the details of Pesticides and get to know that how they have posed a serious kind of challenge in the life of human beings.
  • You should be preparing some short notes on these of the topics like Soil texture and details about its structure. Study about the Land reforms operating in Pakistan. Questions about the Farming systems, Soil fertility, Watershed management might come in your paper.
  • Moving on with some important guesses, you should have information about the Wildlife biodiversity and silviculture. The CSS aspirants should know about the various and wide in number of silviculture systems in Pakistan. Topics like Silviculture operations and Forest management, types of Forest in Pakistan and complete information on Forests and climate chang- you should know all about them.

Stay tuned with us on this page and more of the details about this CSS Agriculture Forestry Guess Paper 2017 For CE Exam will be given to the candidates of CSS.

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