Draft Of Security Measures For Schools In Pakistan

A foolproof of its kind of security plan has now been given by the United Nations Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown. This security plan is for the provision of better and secured safety in all of the schools of Pakistan. Talks had also taken place between the former British prime minister and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Both of them were of this view that it is the time to make all of the schools of Pakistan safer and secured now. As the Peshawar school massacre killed over 140 pupils and also staff members. So such kinds of incidents should not happen now!

Draft Of Security measures by the United Nations Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown

  • So far these proposed measures have been given by Gordon Brown that there is the need to install security fences. The installation of metal detectors and also armed guards is the need of the time.
  • He also proposed that we are in need to use emergency communication systems.
  • It is for the information that these proposals also follow an agreement that has taken place between the UN envoy and the PM Nawaz. This agreement will for sure be able to improve the safety and protection of schools.
  • Brown is also of this view that we need to have the creation of peace zones around all of the schools.
  • Proposals are also under process that will be telling us that how we can have more systematic approach when it comes to the security of schools.
  • We also need to start making high boundary walls. The development of security checkpoints and also razor wire should be developed now.
  • The presence of armed guards right on vantage points should also be in operational now. Now each and every school should be having guards on all of its
  • Schools of Pakistan also should be having a tighter vetting checks.
  • All of the school transport should also be checked on the daily basis to get to know if they are free from any of the explosive devices.

Security Measures For Schools In Pakistan

My View

The United Nations Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown is on a mission to give us safer schools now. We thanks him for his efforts and attempts. If we want to put a full stop on these rising levels of attacks on these schools and colleges then we have to start implementing these proposals

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