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Distance Learning LLB In Pakistan

We have the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) right as the top body of lawyers in Pakistan. They have now decreed that this degree of Legum Baccalaureus (LL.B.) will be right away awarded after five years of education. Previously, students used to have this degree right after the three years in vogue.They have also issued and notified a letter to all of the registrars of all of the universities and also law colleges. This step has been taken by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) because the standard of legal education has been deteriorating day by day. Now all of the universities will be able to complete the LL.B. course in the duration of five years. This body has also ordered the institutions not to take further admissions to this current three year LL.B. programme.

Policy of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) of granting LL.B admissions

  • If you have been currently enrolled in this three-year programme of LL.B, then you have to continue it in 5 years.
  • Any of the students cannot take admission in between the time duration of these 3 years.
  • This three-year programme of LL.B has now been discontinued.
  • It is also to be stated by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) that the total number of students who will admit to first year LL.B. should only be 100.
  • This body has also permitted only and just morning sessions will be permitted. All of the LL.B evening classes will also be disallowed according to the new rules.
  • All those afternoon and evening classes which are currently in process, they can be continued. But new afternoon and evening classes cannot be conducted now.
  • All those universities and law colleges that want to impart legal education right at the postgraduate level, they have to first get permission from both the PBC and also from the Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • Institutions also have to get an approval of their syllabus from that of the PBC and also from HEC.
  • If any of the degree awarding institutions gets affiliated with any of the private law colleges then that degree awarding institution should make sure that private college adheres to the rules.
  • If any of the institutions has to impart legal education under distance learning programme then it has to get a No-Objection Certificate (NoC) from the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC).

Distance Learning LLB In Pakistan

My View

This initiative taken by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) will be able to give birth to more qualified and talented lawyers. This increase in their time span will let them have a more practical approach when it comes to the profession of being a lawyer.


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