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Lahore Arts Council Giving Opportunities Of Music

Lahore Arts Council has a massive range of plans when we talk about music! A bunch of planning has been rolled up on their sleeves. They have been making plans to start a music class for children. They will also be recording a music video that will only be focusing on ragas. They are also making suitable plans for launching an NGO for all of those kids who are addicted to drugs. Yes, famed vocalist Shabnam Majeed has these strong plans and she will surely be completing them sooner.

Contributions made by Lahore Arts Council while giving opportunities of Music

  • Ms Majeed has recently joined this Lahore Arts Council. She got a distinguished voice in playback. She is also an expert in semi-classical and also in ghazal singing. She has now become a part of this council as a music tutor for children. Her classes will be starting sooner at the Alhamra Art Center, The Mall.
  • Some of the amazing projects will sooner be undertaking by this council. It is a fact that music is quite imperative when it comes to the aesthetics of soul. If the child will be able to learn music at his or her a tender age then he or she will become a singer of some kind of substance. That is why Lahore Arts Council has started these kinds of initiatives.
  • This council will try to hone the skills of these grownups. A new beginning has been initiated by the council so that children might be able to see some silver lining in their music career line.
  • Ms Majeed will also be joining hands with Alhamra Film. It is by far the fully equipped kind of music recording studio of Alhamra. There at studio, she will be able to record an audio-visual track. That track will be focused on identification of different types Ragaas. All of these tracks will be written and also composed, they will also be directed by Ms Majeed.

My View

Many people are of this belief that big time spice and also commercialism have so far marred our film. So it is the big time that we need to make some refined changes in our music. Establishment of an NGO for all those children who addicted to drugs is also a great initiative by this council. We take children as raw pearls, we have to make them in shape so that they can have a better future ahead. It is time to start working some thing for the betterment of children

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