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Terrorist Attack On Education In Pakistan

It becomes a routine for all of us to hear these kinds of news that terrorists have attacked some educational institution! The incident of Army Public School happens and now just a few days back, the incident of Bacha Khan university happens. It is the time that we should start struggling with these terrorists.We have now become paralysed by this horror. This scale of the tragedy has paralysed us. Over 130 students bid farewell to their parents when they were attacked in the Army Public School. We have lost those people who had dedicated their lives so that they can educate others. All of them have now become the victim and target of these brainwashed terrorists` bullets.

Solutions to tackle Terrorist Attack On Education In Pakistan

  • Those children who carried pens and books in their hands, they have now become `martyrs` and now called as heroes and heroines. Those martyred children had no choice at that time.
  • Heroes of APS tragedy and also the heroes of Charsadda didn`t have a single choice during that attack.
  • It seems that all of us have come paralysed because the task is now looking like a herculean task for all of us. We have to think straight now that what should be done now.
  • We have to find shortcomings in the process of our implementation. The National Action Plan should need some revisions by the civilian government.
  • We have to now acknowledge that these roots of the malaise are much and quite deeper. We should now avoid slow implementation of these national action plans.
  • We ourselves have made an investment in the Afghan Taliban. We have the Quetta Shura and also the Haqqani network. Now all of them are damaging our national security.
  • It is the time to take some serious action from the government.
  • We have to sort out these killers of these martyred children.
  • If Afghan and also Indian intelligence agencies have a hand in all of these plans, then we need to stop them.

Terrorist Attack On Education In Pakistan

My View

Education System In Pakistan Issues And Problems With Solutions


We should now be looking at the tit-for-tat actions. Now no more terrorists will be allowed to bleed the citizens of Pakistan. All of these sacrifices of thousands of our citizens and children will not be wasted. Let us all regroup, let us all think again. Just slogans and brave word do not do any work. Let us all get brave and courageous for one more time to fight with these terrorists.

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