HEC List of Recognized Affiliated Colleges Across Pakistan Published Here

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The Affiliated colleges work independently but have the collaboration with the Higher education Commission to  survive in academic competition indeed. There are few colleges or institutions left that may not have the affiliation with HEC. These little things or activities make HEC a nationwide institution so that each academic institutions can get the chance to grow. The collaborative agreement between affiliated colleges and HEC based on wide clauses in the agreement.

List of Colleges/ Institutions affiliated with the Public Sector Universities of Pakistan

1. Affiliation data list

2. Criteria Guidelines of university institutions campuses

3. SOPs for Establishment of a New University

List Of HEC Recognized Campuses Of Public And Private Sector Institutions

The first thing that HEC can do for affiliated colleges is mutual academic policies. Those policies may address issues and challenges facing by the national culture of education. There is dire need of such affiliated colleges because HEC wants to expand its jurisdiction to apply the goal of quality education. The quality education is the target of HEC for 2016 at least but the target is difficult to achieve unless or until affiliated colleges have no interest in it.

The quality education at the institutional level is possible with several things and most important thing is the consistent implication of policies agreed in agreement rather one-time show on quality education. The recent meeting conducted by HEC and its administration jointly agree that it is not possible to get the goal of quality education without the permission and delegation of authorities. They agreed to ensure the quality education with the full care in consistent mode.

There is no check and balance despite many check and balances here noted in the agreement between HEC and affiliated colleges so both can work hard for the quality education. There are many critics who actually believed that HEC with fake agenda only nurturing the dirty education system with the dirt of politics in it. But now a day HEC is making progress by showing deeds rather words like issuance of HEC affiliated colleges recently. Hope affiliated colleges can help HEC in getting the agenda in best possible way.

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