Pakistan Air Force Jobs Scam Alert For 2017 Issued By Officials

Pakistan Air Force Jobs Scam Alert for 2017 has been all issued by its officials. You should be reading this scam alert carefully. This alert message has been given to us by the officials of PAF. Below are the details of this important notice. It is the time that we should be spreading this important message and notice as much we cane! Below are the written details of this scam alert message and notice by the officials of PAF:

Pakistan Air Force Jobs Scam Alert For 2017

  • It is heard that some of the unknown agencies has been advertising fake and scam PAF Jobs. You should be careful now. It is reported that some of the fake agencies are using the name of Pakistan Air Force Jobs and they are deceiving people by giving them a fake hiring job notice! If you come across with such kind of fake and unknown agencies then beware and stay away from them.
  • It has been clarified by the officials of PAF that they have not announced any kinds of job posts. If some Pakistan Air Force message comes to you through their website and their private numbers then you should only rely on these messages.
  • If you come across some unknown PAF number or website then you should not be making a reply to it.
  • For the verification of these PAF Jobs, you can make a visit to their information and selection centre. You can too call on this number: 091-9210823 to get a verification about these Pakistan Air Force Jobs.
  • You should be careful now. If you will not take these precautionary measures then Pakistan Air Force will not be responsible. You should spread this scam alert 2017. This scam alert 2017 has been issued and announced by the officials of Pakistan Air Force.

Official Advertisement Of Pakistan Air Force Jobs 2017

Protect Yourself With Pakistan Air Force Jobs Scam

It is true that Pakistan Air Force is one of the prestigious institutes of our country, we should be protecting and saving the name of this institute. If you get any of the unknown message then do inform Pakistan Air Force. This is a Scam Alert for 2017 with regard to the PAF jobs. Save yourself from these scam jobs and do not get inducted in any kind of trouble. Contact the information and selection centre of this institute if you face any trouble.

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