Math Assessment Scheme 2018 10th Class Download Here

If you want to grab Math Assessment Scheme 2018 10th Class Download Here then here you are! From this page, you can download the assessment method of this Math paper for 10th class. We know that matriculation exams are just about to come. That is why, almost all of the 10th grade students are searching for these assessment schemes and methods. Here, we will only be focusing on this mathematics subject. This scheme is followed in the Punjab boards and too in the Lahore board. For the matric part II students, they should read this Math assessment criteria. By reading this assessment and marking method, we are sure that all the matric students will get full marks in this Math paper.

  • You should know that in your 10th class, this Math paper consist of 75 marks. You can get 75 out of 75 marks in this paper if you will be focused enough. You have to finish this whole and entire paper in 02:30 minutes.
  • You will have total 13 chapters in this Math book of 10th grade. If we talk about chapter 1, which is of Quadratic Equation, 9 marks are fixed for this chapter 1. This unit 1 comprises of weightage 8%.
  • Then this chapter 2, it is named as Concept of Quadratic equation. 14 marks are allotted to this chapter 2. The examiner has given and marked 13% weightage to this chapter. In this chapter 3 of Variation, 12 marks questions will come.

Math Assessment Scheme 2018 10th Class Download Here

  • From chapter 4 Partial fraction. questions of 9 marks will come. As you can see that this unit 4 of Partial fraction comprises of the weightage of 8%. In this chapter 5 Sets and fractions, you will see questions containing marks 14 in total.

10th Class Mathematics Assessment Scheme 2017 Matric Part 2

  • In the same way, the rest of the chapters which are Basic statistic, Introduction to Trigonometry, and Projection of a side of a triangle, you have to put in more effort.

You should get this Math Assessment Scheme 2018 10th Class Download Here. This page is all here for you so that you can get the assessment schemes of all of the subjects of 10th class. Right now, you should focus your attention on this Math subject. It can come out as an easy subject and paper for you if you will understand its assessment method properly. Stay tuned and get rest of the schemes of remaining papers of 10th grade.

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