PEC 5th Class Registration 2018 Form For Private And Public Schools Download Online Apply

Finally, Punjab Examination commission speaks about the PEC 5th class registration 2017 while announcing the schedule for grade 5 this year. According to schedule registration will open from 1st of October to 31st of October 2016. The UNICEF book in hands of girl on the homepage of Punjab Examination commission tends me to speak about improvement in the quality of education in Pakistan. The banner had a quote about education generally but that quote respects the education sector in Pakistan. The weapon in today world is not difficult to explain because many states have different weapons to discuss

PEC 5th Class Registration 2018 Form For Private And Public Schools Download Online Apply

Those weapons of different kinds with different usages but the actual powerful weapons explained by the online portal of Punjab examination commission showed that education is the only powerful weapon as compared to others in this world. The weapon fights with minds virtually not with bodies physically. These perspectives are best at any forum but actually the purpose of such banner to place on an online portal to explain the importance of education agenda towards public and private institutions who wants to affiliate with PEC through 5th class registration this year.


Each year the quality of education at the lower level is improving and there are some aspects of growing ideally in Grade 5 perspective. The online registration form will be available here on this page in October so stay with us for each update. Public school student registration should get the form A properly labeled under Grade 5 and also there is form B for student information in the same Grade. The clear distinction of Form A and B is there in form and should adopt it accordingly. Private candidates have their own form of registration for online filling and submission directly made to Punjab education commission.


These separate forms and their criterion for an application made it clear that registration should be concise and clear with all rules and regulations. The school information is mandatory to follow for each institution separately. Students who want to clarify the way towards the registration should consider it ideally while respective registration submission.

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