Problems In Education In Pakistan Vision 2030 May Be Solution

It is a fact that our educational sector of Pakistan has been facing massive problems. If our people are not educated then it will not be possible for our country to prosper and grow. Here we will be discussing the main problems and issues of educational sector of Pakistan. By far it is seen that just Vision 2030 is the possible solution of these issues.

Problems In Education In Pakistan

  • It is seen that the government of Pakistan is not at all implementing the national educational policy. They are not implementing the vision 2030 and its education goals.
  • We do not have a uniform education system. We lack behind to have a uniform curriculum can be introduced in all of our educational institutes. We do not provide and give equal opportunity to our students. Most of the students who have been living in the rural areas, they fail to have an access to education.
  • Our educational sector does not have a balanced kind of approach for its formal as well as for its informal education. We see a gap between the working of Government and non-government sector.They do not work together that is why we are failing to promote education in the corners of Pakistan.

Solution of Problems In Education In Pakistan- Vision 2030 Might be a Solution

  • We should be implementing the golden rules of Vision 2030 in our educational sector, in this way each and every student of Pakistan might be able to get a proper education. Following steps should be taken:
  • We should be increasing the GDB on this educational sector, it should be 5%. Today, we have spent just 2% of our GDP.

Education System In Pakistan Issues And Problems With Solutions

  • It is the time that the induction of technical education should be introduced in all of the schools. The increase in this vocational education will build more practical students.
  • Steps should be taken to enhance the quality of education in Pakistan.

Problems In Education In Pakistan

Time to work on this Vision 2030 so that each of the children in Pakistan get an education!

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