Punjab Doctors Duties With Central Induction Policy

As we all know that in the Punjab side, this Central Induction Policy is getting attention day by day. Some of the doctors are considering this policy as a nightmare for them. On the other hand, some of the medical doctors are taking this policy as a positive U-turn for their health and medical sector. Right in the Punjab government, as we have seen that this comprehensive kind of central induction policy for all of the postgraduate doctors in this health sector is being implemented. This policy will make sure that all of the doctors will make an online application for their post-graduation ship. This meeting was conducted by the delegation of Young Doctors Association (YDA) along with the support of  Khawaja Salman Rafique (Chief Minister of Health) and also with the assistance of Secretary Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education named as Najam Ahmad Shah.


Central Induction Policy and Punjab doctors duties

  • It is now confirmed that the day Post Graduation trainee doctors will be appointed, they will be starting getting paid right from that day! To complete this task, the Government of Punjab has promised to give 80 crore Rs. In the first induction, so far 900 Post Graduation trainee doctors have been appointed.
  • This Central Induction Policy will also change the mindset of doctors. Previously, a trainee doctor from Lahore had this mindset that if he is from Lahore then he will only be working in Lahore. This should be stopped now! If you are a doctor and you are the part of this health sector then you should be ready to serve for any part of your country.
  • It is wrong that Post Graduation trainee doctors have to work for 80 hours on a per week basis. Their timings are fixed and finalized now. No extra burden will be put on them. We need to improve the conditions of our primary health. This can be done if this Central Induction Policy can work out and implemented in a proper way.

Doctors Strike And Central Induction Policy

  • The duty hours of male and female Post Graduation trainee doctors should be made same as suggested by one of the advisors. We also need to have primary physicians now
  • Now you can get training in the Services Hospitals Lahore and Fatima Jinnah Medical College. Does not matter which city you belongs! But this Central Induction Policy will make sure that you get a fair chance to get hired.

We have the policy working at the undergraduate level then why not it can be workable at the postgraduate level.


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