Role Of International Institutions In Pakistan Education Policy Making Process

It is seen that many of the international organizations have complicated and made complex the educational policy of Pakistan. All of these International Institutions should be implying the incorporation and induction of national economies and political systems. They should be coming up with the courses that show cross-national interaction.

Role of International Institutions in Pakistan Educational sector

In the Pakistani educational system, we have this induction of elitist character since ages. It is because of this factor  that we cannot at all prevent illiteracy. All of these developments have a massive influence of globalization on the sector of education. We need to have an absolute kind of examination so that all of our decision-making plans can be reviewed properly. We need to evaluate our policy formation processes. If Pakistan Education Policy will be assessed and reviewed that we better get to know that whose concerns have been addressed so far and whose concerns have not been served so far!

EFA- A global instrument that can influence Pakistan education policies

If we need to make our educational policy in the process then we need to move side by side with these MDG and EFA goals. These goals and target lines have been set by International Institutions. If we will move along with them then the education situation can also improve a lot. We will be having our own set agenda. We will not move on the policies as set by others. But globally and keeping in mind the international standards, our Pakistan education policy will be designed in that perspective.

Major Sectors Of Education System In Pakistan Essay

Our educational policy will then be ratified and assessed and also recognized by these International Institutions. If we want our country to be recognized globally then we need to move along with these International Institutions. As the standards of education are changing, in the same way, our educational policy should be revised on a regular basis.

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