Shehzad Roy Video Highlight Rote Memorisation In 10th Class Pakistan Reform Matric Board

Shehzad Roy one of the well-known pop stars in Pakistan we have has shared a video. In this video, he has been highlighting this sorry state of educational sector of Pakistan. His pin pointed this attention of our on this Rote Memorisation culture. He is of this view that our Pakistani students are being destructed day by day. We are being failed to make constructive minds and intellectual human beings because of this Rote Memorisation culture. Our students are not generous enough, they only focus on ratta, they do not want to understand the concepts.

Shehzad Roy- Invited at the Harvard University

He wants to bring this issue of Rote Memorisation in front of the Government of Pakistan, that is why he also came up with this video. He was too invited by the Harvard university. The founder of Harvard Pakistani student group told the media this man so wanted to change the discourse as well as the direction of the educational sector of Pakistan. It is a fact that Pakistani artists have all the time made their government accountable. This time, this role has been played by Shehzad Roy.

Shehzad Roy Is Fighting For Problems

Shehzad Roy upcoming documentary- Chal Parha

In that documentary, he has put focused on this attention that we need to have a change in our education system. We cannot keep on learning and read that old syllabus. He is also the owner of NGO named as Zindagi trust. This trust just provides and delivers education to the under privileged people living in Pakistan. In his video, he wanted to bring attention to the sorry state of our Public schools.

Shehzad Roy is against Rote Memorisation

He believes that this Rote Memorisation culture will give no benefit to our students. We need to start making conceptual papers and tests. We should be testing the students based on their concepts. We should take them out from this bookish world where Rote Memorisation is the king!

We should all stand with Shehzad Roy and help him out in this productive cause!

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