Smartphones For Students In University Life

In Dera Ghazi Khan, an educational initiative will be carried on in the upcoming days. It is by reported that in Dera Ghazi Khan, smartphones will be able to be uploaded with the curriculum. These smartphones will then be delivered to the faculty and also to all of the students when they will be admitted to the university. These smartphones will be having a complete and detailed curriculum in them. This biggest and massive news was conveyed to us by the newly-appointed Vice Chancellor of Ghazi University named as Prof Muhammad Khalique Ahmed. He was there at the welcome ceremony that was organised by the Urdu department. There at that ceremony, he revealed this news.

Positives of having Smartphones for students In University Life

  • Ghazi University newly-appointed Vice Chancellor told the media that iphones will be uploaded with the curriculum. These phones will also be uploaded with books apps. When students will be making their admission to this university then these phones will be handed over to them.
  • This initiative will be able to turn and change all of the campuses right into cyber campuses.
  • This project will be letting the students as well as faculty to be in touch with them round the clock. These respective e-books will be giving more exposure to the students.
  • These e-books have that same nominal cost.
  • This iphone technology will let the students be able to link up with the international academicians. Through this project, local students can have an interaction with the international Ph.D students.
  • It is also expected that the existing library might be able to be converted into a modern one. This modern library will be equipped with cyber technology. It was also reported that this newly-appointed Vice Chancellor of Ghazi University has also inaugurated the model class room. This room was equipped with all kinds of cyber facilities

My View

We know that this world is now becoming a technological world. International students now carry gadgets in their hands instead of books. So it is the need that our country Pakistan should also be meeting these same educational standards. We hope that such kinds of educational initiatives will bring major shifts and changes in our educational standards. We need to think like same so that we can have a coherent education system in the entire Pakistan.

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