Solar Photovoltaic Course In Lahore Solar System Pak Industrial Technical Center

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Solar System Pakistan Industrial Technical Center has now introduced their Solar Photovoltaic Course. This course will be taught in Lahore. This course will be having the duration of 2 weeks and its fees will be Rs 7875. If you want to attend this course and want to learn about this Solar Photovoltaic Course then you have to make a registration of it. Here, you will know about the main course outline of this subjected course:

Solar Photovoltaic Course duration: 2 weeks

Solar Photovoltaic Course fees: Rs 7875

Solar Photovoltaic Course outline

Solar Photovoltaic Course In Lahore Solar System

  • In this course, you will be learning about the renewable also nonrenewable energy sources.
  • You will be taught about the fundamentals of electricity.
  • You will be given main and primary, basic introduction outline about PV. You will be told about the concepts of solar PV system and its functioning.
  • How to design and create the solar PV system, you will be taught about it, you will be made to learn to create the feasibility study of solar PV system.
  • The method to install solar PV system, how to tackle the troubleshooting aspects of this solar PV system, you will be given training and basic learning in this aspect as well.
  • You will be given an introduction about this solar tubewell and also details about its sizing.

You can visit the Lahore Solar System Pak Industrial Technical Center to make a registration in this Solar Photovoltaic Course. We are quite sure that this course will give you handful amount of information, it will be an informative course and you will get much knowledge and concepts by being the part of this course. This Solar Photovoltaic Course will just take 2 weeks of your busy schedule, do become the part of this course and learn from it. If more such kinds of courses will be launched by Lahore Solar System Pak Industrial Technical Center, we will let you know.

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