Technical And Vocational Education In Pakistan Essay Secondary Level

If we want to address the issues of youth unemployment in Pakistan then we should be introducing this Technical and Vocational Education here. It is according to the report of World Bank (2004) that massive quality human capital cab only be developed if we will able to give high-quality kind of education systems. It is this tertiary education that does give advanced skills so that youth can play its due role in the economic development.

UNESCO meeting of TVET experts- Location Bangkok

A few days back, a meeting was taken place in Bangkok. It was organized by UNESCO, this meeting comprises of TVET experts. They were there to address all of the issues and also challenges so that secondary education can be expanded. For this Technical and Vocational Education, we have been facing some of the challenges in Pakistan and they are an exploration of all of these pre-requisites tasks related which are related to the development of TVE curriculum. We need to explore our capacity. We should be building up linkages with other educational sectors.

What should be done to expand Technical and Vocational Education in Pakistan?

  • We need to come up with diverse kinds of approaches so that the purpose and aim of employment can be meet up.
  • We need to integrate and also fuse this TVE with this secondary school curriculum. We have these institutions working in Pakistan like that of TEVTA, Punjab and also Centre for Curriculum Research & Development (CCRD) Sindh. We do have NWFP Board of Technical Education and also Balochistan Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BBISE). All these institutes need to work in a more collaborative way.
  • We should be coming with some uniform policies. We need to keep on restructuring TEVT. On the regular basis, this vocational curriculum should be revised. A customized kind of training should be made available for industrial workers.

Technical And Vocational Education In Pakistan Essay Secondary Level

It is the time to make Technical and Vocational Education stronger in Pakistan.

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