University Of Central Punjab UCP Scholarships 2017 For Under Graduate Post Programs In Lahore Admission

University Of Central Punjab UCP has opened up their Under, Graduate and also Post graduate degree Programs. If you want to be a part of UCP and if you want to get admission in these degree programs then you should also be applying to the scholarship programs. You should visit this site to get to know more details about their scholarships. You can also make an email to them, to ask any kinds of questions on these scholarships.

UCP scholarships for Under, Graduate And Post Programs In Lahore Admission

They are offering wide in a number of concessions and scholarships for the students. About 60% of the students can avail these fee concession programs, You can apply in their merit based as well as in their need-based scholarship programs. If you are getting a new admission then you can avail their Merit scholarship.

  • You will be offered scholarships totally and completely based on academic performance of yours in the 2nd semester. If you will be able to maintain your CGPA in the subsequent semesters then your scholarship will also be retained.
  • For all of the Bright students, you will be given 100% merit scholarship.
  • For the PGC students, you will also be given some of the fee concessions.
  • This university has been coming up with the highlight of UCS cash awards.

University Of Central Punjab UCP Scholarships

  • Kinship discounts will be made available for some of the students.
  • For the disable students, they will be given discounts on their tuition fees as well.
  • For the Faculty development program, financial assistance will too be given.

There is no doubt about that University Of Central Punjab UCP is one of the well-known and mostly opted universities by the students in Pakistan. Their business and management programs are widely opted by us. This time their financial and scholarship programs are wide in range, you should be applying to them.

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