Direct to Home (DTH) Services License In Pakistan Shortlisted Companies List

The true sense of media came whenever a digital service prevails in the society. Direct to Home (DTH) Services In Pakistan now a hot talk among many television lovers as well as the true patriotic in Pakistan. For example, the population of Pakistan who was thrown enough towards Indian media content now struggling for the Pakistani content through proper DTH services in Pakistan. There are 12 companies shortlisted for the DTH service. Those companies are always in search for a new and improve the shape of DTH in almost all aspects. The media boost is still continued in Pakistan. The media lovers as well those companies who wants to create a change in the media industry along with satisfaction with PEMRA rules and regulation for Direct to Home (DTH) Services License In Pakistan.


Direct to Home (DTH) Services License In Pakistan

The first company was shortlisted for the DTH license in Pakistan is Orient DTH license shortlisted applicant. The applications have full filled all aspects and now ready to big in the first bidding would be held on 23 November 2016. The Orient electronics applied for the DTH service in Pakistan. It applied from Lahore and shown highly concerned towards the DTH license in Pakistan. It dreams to be a first Orient DTH service providers in Pakistan. The next company shortlisted and struggled for the DTH services in Pakistan is Mag entertainment private limited. Although the name is not so famous as compared to the prior one the shortlisting for the biggest service in Pakistan means a lot that it applied for the big service in Pakistan.


Nine companies out of 12 shortlisted for DTH service in Pakistan from Islamabad and strongest one as per media hype is Naya Tel. One is astonished to see that how the newspaper in Pakistan and news agencies are covering the way towards the Naya Tel In Pakistan from requirement in the new departments till the activities. There are big executives looks behind the Naya Tel and many innovative persons behind the till date success ratio in Pakistan. The Karachi is the biggest city, but there is only one applicant who wants to get involve and see opportunities towards the DTH license service in Pakistan. The IQ communication is another new name for a market that may get the DTH service provider pioneer in Pakistan. The future looks more trendy towards the 12 parties different all those existed in Islamabad. The first one is Skyfix as per the web functionalities it knows how to create an attraction for users to get involve.

Start times communication with attractive logo on the web. Sardar Builders as big money makers of Islamabad. Smart Sky is having native advertisements at the web. Parus media broadcast Islamabad is the new name for the media. The maestro media distribution still not present in the web industry. Shahzad sky another dreamer who would like to bid for the DTH service in Pakistan. Finally, the HB DTH limited from Islamabad. The conclusive mindset towards the DTH license in Pakistan goes towards the Naya Tel as one can assume through marketing perspective only. The 23 November 2016 is D-Day for all these 12 companies short-listed for the DTH services in Pakistan.

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