My Feeling about 29 February Leap Year Day 2016, How Would Celebrate

Before, I go further with the feelings about Leap year 2016. I would like to show some reality behind the date. After every 4 years, leap year comes and shows. The inclusion of data gives a smooth way to our calendar to get out year plans in the best way. Further social media gives me another towards the Leap day. The social media world is most bizarre world and never related to the real or practical life. The regular year means the corporate world has to work 365 days instead of 366 days. The extra day means an extra opportunity to live a life with busy routine towards success from individual to collective level. The extra day means an extra charm to go office for the visionary person and an extra burden for the lazy person for another boredom day.

Leap Day
Leap Day

The leap day is the result of the phenomenon of Earth’s revolutions around the Sun. It takes about 4 years to make a day of slow move of nature.  There are many views that can counter issues of tropical year to here come with the new feelings about the year. The social media also get the reality that women can accept the proposal of men if he proposes her on Leap day. There are many celebration ideas to celebrate Leap day in the west.

For example, the idea is to celebrate to prepare a lovely food at a home or to get it in office. The food idea is there to show that who loves food in real. Mostly corporate level personality demands something new at the workplace in the shape of celebration. The leap year traditions are famous for their uniqueness. Leap year babies are well renowned and birth celebrities according to unique date. The retail therapy is another idea that most people used on the day because they want to reshape the day as a best day.

Most companies here in Pakistan also get new ideas to grasps attention of visitors of stores. Mostly Lahore stores are first one in the race and allow people to share their views about the Leap day. The discounted stores are need of hour on the day that is still missing factor here in Lahore, Pakistan but in the west, it is routine work. The arrangements of discount stores are need of Megastores specifically in Lahore, Pakistan. So that people can get enjoy of leap day and celebrate according to own way. I am feeling that today food would be different from other 365 days ahead.

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