Pakistan Morning Show And Myth Behind

We have been seeing that these days all of the Pakistan Morning Shows in Pakistan cater mostly to all of the housewives. They are that big part of the population that actually stays back home. They bring up their kids. These housewives try to build their identity around their family life. It is the time that all of these women should be exposed to more of the discourses of life. They should now broaden their horizon. TV has now become that kind of institution for them from which they can take enough feeding. Women in Pakistan watch morning shows in the morning. At the same time, people in Canada like to watch  weather forecasts.

Pakistan Morning Show

Myth Behind of these Pakistan Morning Shows

  • It is seen that many of the nonfictional shows in Pakistan try to remain religiously focused. They tell women that she should remain there where she belong! Either she should be in front of the dressing table or she should be in the kitchen.
  • It is also one of the myths when it comes to the morning shows that the female audiences have been tricked to believe that they are learning something.
  • These morning shows have all the time limited topics. All of these shows have their ‘dulhan week’ just for the sake of ratings.
  • When same topics go on and on then ultimately audience becomes addicted to those boring topics.
  • These shows tell us that all of us can afford the bill of a costly parlour, all of us can pay the average fee of these salons. It is expected that all of the fathers can open up separate savings accounts for their kids. This is showed by these morning shows but none of this happened in real life.

My View

Morning shows should be coming up with such content that can give a woman a handful of options to progress in her life. Instead of submitting our fate in the kitchen and apart to channelise our effort to please our in- laws, we women needs to do more! Each after the other day, we see the raining of marriages on morning TV shows. This kind of content should be avoided.

We should be having a serious kind of discussion on reproductive health, on the issues of community service on the morning shows. We have to evolve these women into independent thinkers. In this way, women will be able to add more value in their society. This two-hour window of opportunity should be utilized in the best way by these morning shows.

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