Pakistan Negates Valentine Day At Cultural,Islamic Front

The Pakistan is the country where the mix of a population is present most importantly Muslims and Islam followers. These Muslims are although not practical in an explicit manner but that does not mean that they would endorse Valentine Day at any level. The stance that cultural teachings are more strong than western teaching is logical and applicable here in Pakistan. The day is related to Western culture cannot be celebrated is one thing and it is prohibited at another level.

No To Valentine Day

The same stance being quoted by the present of Pakistan just before the day of Valentine Day on 13 February. There was no wonder in me about to know that the news has less shared by Facebook users here in Pakistan. The logical thinking was used by the president that shows  Valentine Day has no linkage with the culture of Pakistan. Same time the celebration can create resistance made by any group or team here in Pakistan about the day.

Valentine Day

Although president used advisory mindset while addressing youth of Pakistan but it is logical and sensible advises one must say. Normally young generation is found in such activity with the argument about freedom of expression. The freedom of expression is so-called agenda of western according to some scholars so that generation can do any wrong about traditions. One must keep in mind that traditions can not negate in any sense.

The Valentine Day although have no sense here to celebrate therefore Muslim country like Pakistan negates D-Day. There are several reasons here in Islam to negate any such activity when a matter of individual is there. The valentine Day is the big public event that should be avoided at all level. Even in Kohat, there are some young people having banners in their hands about No To Valentine.

The same slogans are being chanted by them with a quote of hadith. The hadith of Tirmizi is there that “whoever imitates a people, is one of them”. The event is not a tradition according to any culture. Even west has not provided any satisfactory reason to celebrate it. Whenever west is being debated about the day all scholars have their own interpretation of the event.

These several opinions about the same event can create a mindset that Valentine Day is not a cultural tradition of any region then how can it possible here in Pakistan. There are some youngsters who are ignoring Islam at public level that is not ethical at any social grounds specifically in Pakistan. One would like to recommend to Lahore Population specifically that we should avoid ourselves first and advised very next one that is close to you. You can share your thinking here in comment mine is about No To Valentine on cultural and Islamic fronts.

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