Red Bull Street Style Lahore 6th September 2016 Info Video

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For the information, this Red Bull Street Style Lahore event will be taking place on 6th Sept 2016. It will be the world’s premier and best of the freestyle soccer tournament. So are you all ready on 6th September 2016, keep in mind that the starting time of this event will be 6:30 pm and the venue where this event will be taking place is Food Street Fort Road.

Red Bull Street Style 2016 date: 6th Sept 2016

Red Bull Street Style venue: Lahore

Red Bull Street Style timings: 6:30 pm

What are the rules to play this Red Bull Street Style?

  • It is one of the interesting games by far and the rules of this game are also the simplest and easiest one.
  • This Red Bull Street Style game comprises of the duration of three minutes and two players will be playing this game and there will be one ball.

Red Bull Street Style Lahore

  • Do not miss this one of the exciting events so far, you have to cancel all of your meetings and schedules on the date 6th Sept 2016 and be the first one to reach to the Food street fort road. On 30th Aug 2016, in the city of Karachi, this event will be taking place and on 8th Sept 2016, in the city of Islamabad, this Red Bull Street Style event will be taking place. The location in Karachi is Royale Rodale and the venue in Islamabad is Centaurus Mall.

If you do visit and check out this sports event then share us your feedback too. You will love this street style of Red Bull. Enjoy this event a lot and more of such kinds of events will take place in the future time. Do not miss this street style game, you will love and like it a lot.

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